R&D Agroconsultora is a South American company that has developed a network of expert professionals in all the different fields related to agribusiness.

Within the diversity of businesses, we are leaders in agrochemical records and product development, thanks to the extensive experience in agrochemical records in LATAM (Bolivia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, etc.), the Caribbean, in the same way in Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Greece and Syria, Interalia.

We are also members of the Argentine-Chinese Chamber of Production, Industry and Commerce.
R&D Agroconsultora is solidly committed to promoting a performance-oriented corporate culture. To achieve this, we rely on our collaborators and their continuous development. We rely on the interrelation of each area to achieve a result of excellence.

Our professional team meets and monitors the whole processes in each niche of the business. It is composed of professionals in chemistry, toxicology and field trials, as well as studies of pesticide residues, patents.
The combination of the various skills of the professionals ensures the success of the growth of your company.